Mikhail Durnenkov



He was born in the town of Tyn­da (Amur dist­rict) in 1978. In 1995, he mo­ved to Tog­li­at­ti, whe­re he be­came one of the fo­un­ders of the Tog­li­at­ti New Dra­ma Scho­ol. Wit­ho­ut this mo­vement, it wo­uld be qui­te im­possib­le to ima­gine the Rus­si­an dra­ma of se­veral last de­cades. Be­sides be­ing a pla­yw­right, he used to work as a watc­hman, plum­ber, the­at­re di­rec­tor, ac­tor, en­gi­ne­er, te­levi­si­on jo­ur­na­list and pre­sen­ter. This rich li­fe ex­pe­ri­en­ce lets Dur­nenkov wri­te easi­ly abo­ut all kinds of cha­rac­ters, ran­ging from Sta­nis­lavs­ky him­self to wor­kers, who call the spi­rit of a Blue Plum­ber, and the exp­lo­rers of the North po­le from a fa­mo­us cof­fee com­merci­al.

Dur­nenkov’s most po­pular pla­ys are: “Na­ture re­ser­ve”, “The simp­le(st) way to gi­ve up smo­king”, “The cul­tu­ral Stra­tum”, “Junk”. So­me of them we­re writ­ten in col­la­bora­ti­on with his brot­her, Vy­ac­heslav, who is al­so one of the most im­portant Rus­si­an pla­yw­rights.

In 2010, Dur­nenkov gra­du­ated from the Mos­cow Uni­ver­si­ty of Ci­nema­tog­raphy (class of the fa­mo­us script­wri­ter Yury Ara­bov). Sin­ce then, he has be­en ac­ti­vely wor­king in ci­nema, and he even wor­ked as an ac­tor on­ce – in Ki­rill Ma­karen­kov and And­rey Ki­yanits’ film “The Black Salt”.

Dur­nenkov’s pla­ys are sta­ged not on­ly eve­ryw­he­re thro­ug­ho­ut Rus­sia but al­so in Euro­pe. He par­ti­cipa­ted and be­came la­ureate in a va­ri­ety of work­shops and fes­ti­vals.

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