Kirill Serebrennikov


The­at­re, Ope­ra and Bal­let Di­rec­tor, Film Di­rec­tor. Fo­un­der  of the Go­gol Cen­ter.
7 september 1969
Born in 1969. Gra­du­ated from Ros­tov Uni­ver­si­ty. Star­ted wor­king as a sta­ge di­rec­tor at the Ros­tov-on-Don the­at­res in 1994.

Has wor­ked in Mos­cow sin­ce 2000. His de­but was a pro­duc­ti­on of «Plas­ti­cine», a play by Si­garev, on the sta­ge of the Cen­ter of Dra­matur­gy and Di­rec­ting.

Aut­hor of nu­mero­us pro­duc­ti­ons at the Mos­cow Arts The­at­re na­med af­ter Chek­hov, Push­kin The­at­re, Sov­re­men­nik the­at­re, The­at­re of Oleg Ta­bakov, Na­ti­onal the­at­re of Lat­via, De­uts­ches The­ater Ber­lin, Tha­lia The­ater in Ham­burg.

He has sta­ged ope­ras at the Sa­int-Pe­ters­burg Ma­ri­ins­ki the­at­re, Bols­hoi the­at­re in Mos­cow, Ber­lin Ko­misc­he Oper, Stutt­gart ope­ra, Zu­rich Ope­ra Ho­use, Sta­at­so­per Ham­burg, Wi­ener Sta­at­so­per, Ba­yerisc­he Sta­at­so­per, Na­ti­ona­le Ope­ra & Bal­let, Ams­ter­dam.

He has al­so sta­ged bal­lets at the Bols­hoi the­at­re in Mos­cow and to­ok on the ro­le of di­rec­tor, de­sig­ner and aut­hor of lib­retto: «A He­ro of Our Ti­me» (2015), «Nu­re­yev» (2018).

He has had a vast ex­pe­ri­en­ce with film and te­levi­si­on. Among his works are «Pla­ying the Vic­tim», «Bed sce­nes», «Yuri­yev day», «Short cir­cu­it» (or «Shrimp's kiss»), «Bet­ra­yal», «The stu­dent», «Le­to», «Af­ter “Le­to”» («Af­ter Sum­mer»), «Pet­rov's Flu» and «Tcha­ikovs­ky's Wi­fe».

Has be­en one of the ar­tistic di­rec­tors of the fes­ti­val-scho­ol Ter­ri­tory sin­ce 2006.

Fo­un­der and ar­tistic di­rec­tor of the pro­ject «Plat­form» (2011-2014).

In 2012 gra­du­ated Se­reb­renni­kov's di­rec­ting and ac­ting class of the Mos­cow Arts Scho­ol which be­came the fo­un­da­ti­on of the Se­venth Stu­dio.

Fo­un­der and Ar­tistic Di­rec­tor of Go­gol cen­ter (2012-2021).
La­ureate to the Sta­nis­lavs­ky award (2005), Gol­den Mask award, Crys­tal Tu­ran­dot, Te­fi (2005), Be­no­is de la Dan­se (for the bal­let «Nu­re­yev», 2018) ma­in pri­ze of the Ro­me fes­ti­val (for the film «Pla­ying the Vic­tim», 2006) , award win­ner at the Lo­car­no fes­ti­val (for the film «Yuri­yev day» 2008), Ki­notavr, par­ti­cipant of the Ve­nice Film Fes­ti­val, Can­nes film fes­ti­val, The Euro­pe Pri­ze New The­at­ri­cal Re­ali­ti­es, and ma­ny ot­hers.

In august 2018 Ki­rill Se­reb­renni­kov be­came the com­mander of the French Or­der of Arts and Let­ters.
At Go­gol-cen­ter
Assistant costume designer: