Co­me to the per­forman­ces 20-25 mi­nutes be­fore the be­gining. Ent­ran­ce to the audi­tori­um af­ter the third bell is not al­lo­wed.

If the per­forman­ce ta­kes pla­ce on the Big Sta­ge, 25 mi­nutes be­fore it starts the­re is an open lec­tu­re abo­ut it which is re­ad by the the­ater’s ma­in pla­yw­right Va­lery Pe­che­ykin.

Con­ve­ni­ent ent­ran­ce, par­king and a to­ilet ro­om are pro­vided for pe­op­le with spe­ci­al ne­eds. Let fel­low wor­kers know if you ne­ed help.

Du­ring the per­forman­ce, we ask you not to ta­ke pho­tos or vi­de­os and turn your mo­bile pho­nes off.

"Gogol Center" is a theater, not limited to the stage, building, city. This theater is created by our reality. This is a place for free statements and open dialogue. Almost all types of modern art interact and develop here: theater, dance, cinema, music, literature. This is the space where artists are able to talk about important things honesty. Gogol Center is a theater for those who are really interested in modern world and people.
Working hours
Theater and cafe
Daily from 12pm till the end of the performances

Daily from 12pm till 9pm
How to get to us
By walk
From the metro station "Kurskaya" (10 minutes walk). After exiting the metro, walk along the Garden Ring towards the center. Turn right onto Kazakova street and go straight 300 m.
By car

If you go by car, you can park it in front of the theater on Kazakova Street in the city parking №3007. Parking cost is 40 rubles per hour.
Purchase of tickets
  • Purchase of tickets online
  • To buy tickets online you have to be logged in to our site
  • Purchase and payment of tickets is carried out through the Listim.com service
  • After payment of the order you should print a ticket that will be needed for your passage to the theater on the day of the performance
  • A form of e-tickets with a unique bar code will be sent to your email
In the register
  • You can call +7 (495) 120 75 43 to reserve tickets and get information about events
  • Standard booking time is up to 48 hours
  • You will be informed of exact time of booking at the time of booking
  • All ticket booking services are free. Tickets are sold without a markup

Official partners
Ticket return
Purchased at the box office
Purchased online
  • pensioners
  • children and parents from large families
  • people with disabilities
  • conscripts
Not spread
  • first three premiere performances
  • tickets to the amphitheater of the Great hall
  • tickets cost less than 1000 rubles
  • performances «A midsummer night’s dream», «Mitya’s love», «Misanthrope», «Barocco», «The idiots», «Closer»
For people with disabilities
  • The entrance to the theater is equipped with a ramp and an elevator
  • There are places for disabled people in the city parking lot in front of the theater
  • There is a specially equipped toilet room in the theater
  • There are special people in the theater who will help accompany people who have difficulty in moving