Perfomance, 16+ 1:20, No intermissions
The leader of the group "Megapolis" Oleg Nesterov, who first appeared on the stage of "Gogol center" in 2014 with the project "From the Life of Planets", promises to tell stories and sing "for sailors and prostitutes, gold prospectors and heroes of Maupassant, for boxers, loser detectives and florists ”. The musical material of the performance is pre-war Berlin hits and songs from old German films, about which Nesterov speaks with sad tenderness: “These songs were first separated from us by the wall, and then they simply disappeared under its rubble. These songs are absolutely unknown to us, many of them were created in the era of the Reich, and only this was their problem - the ominous 12 years the Germans themselves, and even more so other countries rightly sought to erase from the memory of generations. But a good song is just a good song, and it’s not her fault that she was created at the wrong time. ” 
The director of “Свобода №7” is Ilya Shagalov, the director with a taste for a bright show fanned by a nostalgic flair: in the first year of the “Gogol center” Shagalov directed “Utyosov” here. The new play, intertwining "historical parallels, skeletons in the closet, Berlin jokes and secrets," - a dedication to Berlin, a city with an exciting fate, a city that withstood all the tests of the twentieth century. And there will be a special instrumental quintet on the stage - the Capella of Berlin postmen. The premiere occurred on March 19, 2017.
And­rey KA­RASY­OV

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