Perfomance, 18+ 1:00
The Swiss theater company "Magic Garden" (Bern) is experimenting with audience perception and exploring the boundaries of the modern theater. For one hour, spectators become the participants in a unique shared experience. Each visitor will have to answer questions from several questionnaires that awaken intuition and fantasy, and learn something new, important and intimate about himself. The sequence of questionnaires absorbs participants deeper into themselves, and at the same time, it opens their eyes more and more to the world in which we live and to the connections that link us up. The climax of the performance is introduction and direct live communication of all participants. However, performance does not end at this point, because everyone will learn the real secret, which - according to the rules of the game - can be revealed only by oneself. With the support of the Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council and «Comus».

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Two rooms
Perfomance, 18+
Perfomance, 18+