Pasternak. My sister is life

Perfomance, 18+ 1:30, No intermissions
Boris Pasternak is a legendary Russian poet of the 20th century, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, which brought him international fame and led to disgrace in his homeland. People of the most varied artistic tastes and political views were ambiguous about Pasternak, and this ambiguity attracts director Maxim Didenko no less than Pasternak’s poetic heritage: “This performance is an experiment on consciousness, immersion in completely different time-sensitive ways of perception. Poetic theater allows the viewer to become a participant in the process.” 
Didenko creates unique performances in visual style and technical complexity at the intersection of performance, physical theater and musical. In the play “Pasternak. My sister is life” the older generation of actors recite poems, and young artists not only sing, but also "dance" them, finding a plastic embodiment of poetic images. Artist Galya Solodovnikova has created an original transforming set that interacts with the body of the actor, and makes it possible to do incredible acrobatic stunts. The music for the play was written by Ivan Kushnir, who has been successfully cooperating with Didenko for a long time, and this work has become a real challenge for him: “There are almost no usual European forms here. This music is ritual, meditative. Like a frozen picture. Like a landscape. Like a field and the sun - only in music.” Three Pasternak are present in the performance at three different ages. One of them is played by Veniamin Smekhov, who has long dreamed of collaborating with Didenko: “Maxim’s work is a colossal thing that broadens spectator speculation. This is an intellectual circus. Intellectual carnival in which sounds, feelings, fantasy connect, live and breathe. ” The premiere occurred on March 4, 2016.
Director, choreographer:
Set designer: 
Ga­lya So­lodov­ni­kova
Video designer:
Lighting designer:
Assistant costume designer :
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