Pasternak. My sister is life

Perfomance, 18+ 1:30, No intermissions
Bo­ris Pas­ternak is a le­gen­da­ry Rus­si­an po­et of the 20th cen­tu­ry, a No­bel Pri­ze win­ner in li­tera­ture, which bro­ught him in­terna­ti­onal fa­me and led to disg­ra­ce in his ho­meland. Pe­op­le of the most va­ri­ed ar­tistic tas­tes and po­liti­cal vi­ews we­re am­bi­gu­ous abo­ut Pas­ternak, and this am­bi­gu­ity att­racts di­rec­tor Ma­xim Di­den­ko no less than Pas­ternak’s po­etic he­rita­ge: “This per­forman­ce is an ex­pe­riment on cons­ci­ous­ness, im­mersi­on in comp­le­tely dif­fe­rent ti­me-sen­si­tive wa­ys of per­cepti­on. Po­etic the­ater al­lows the vi­ewer to be­come a par­ti­cipant in the pro­cess.” 
Di­den­ko cre­ates uni­que per­forman­ces in vi­su­al sty­le and tech­ni­cal comp­le­xity at the in­tersec­ti­on of per­forman­ce, phy­sical the­ater and mu­sical. In the play “Pas­ternak. My sis­ter is li­fe” the ol­der ge­nera­ti­on of ac­tors re­cite po­ems, and young ar­tists not on­ly sing, but al­so "dan­ce" them, fin­ding a plas­tic em­bo­diment of po­etic ima­ges. Ar­tist Ga­lya So­lodov­ni­kova has cre­ated an ori­ginal trans­for­ming set that in­te­racts with the bo­dy of the ac­tor, and ma­kes it pos­sible to do inc­re­dib­le ac­ro­batic stunts. The mu­sic for the play was writ­ten by Ivan Kush­nir, who has be­en suc­cess­ful­ly co­ope­rating with Di­den­ko for a long ti­me, and this work has be­come a re­al chal­lenge for him: “The­re are al­most no usu­al Euro­pe­an forms he­re. This mu­sic is ri­tu­al, me­dita­tive. Li­ke a fro­zen pic­tu­re. Li­ke a land­sca­pe. Li­ke a fi­eld and the sun - on­ly in mu­sic.” Three Pas­ternak are pre­sent in the per­forman­ce at three dif­fe­rent ages. One of them is pla­yed by Ve­ni­amin Smek­hov, who has long dre­amed of col­la­bora­ting with Di­den­ko: “Ma­xim’s work is a co­los­sal thing that bro­adens spec­ta­tor spe­cula­ti­on. This is an in­tellec­tu­al cir­cus. In­tellec­tu­al car­ni­val in which so­unds, fe­elings, fan­ta­sy con­nect, li­ve and bre­at­he. ” The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on March 4, 2016.
Director, choreographer:
Ga­lya So­lodov­ni­kova
Video designer:
Lighting designer:
Assistant costume designer :
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