Perfomance, 18+ 3:00, 1 intermission
The death penalty now seems like
a concept from a very distant past. However, Russia had it as recently as 1996; in England, it was abolished in 1964. This last event sets the stage for Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen. After losing his job, an executioner opens a pub on the outskirts of town and tries to get along with his wife and teenage daughter. He has beer with the regulars and acts rude and condescending (once a hangman, forever a hangman, and the job is quite prestigious).
This story of the executioner and
the people around him turns into an exploration of the value of life, the absurdity of death, justice, society, and freedom.

Premiered on September 12, 2019.

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Perfomance, 18+
Perfomance, 18+
Costume design assistant: :  Po­lina Grech­ko