The Lake

Perfomance, 18+ 1:30, No intermissions
The new dra­ma by Mik­ha­il Dur­nenkov writ­ten es­pe­ci­al­ly for Go­gol Cen­ter. This is a play whe­re Chek­hov's mo­tives are com­bi­ned with the lin­gu­is­tic and nar­ra­tive acu­ity of the 'new dra­ma'. Clo­se fri­ends and ac­qua­in­tances are go­ing to ha­ve a pic­nic by the la­ke. Each of them is go­ing thro­ugh the mid­li­fe cri­sis. Each of them has a ro­uti­ne job, lost of tro­ub­les and so­me 'pa­in­ful ti­mes' in the­ir per­so­nal li­fe. The out­do­or me­eting be­comes an oc­ca­si­on for a frank con­versa­ti­on and at­tempts to un­ders­tand them­selves.   
The new drama by Mikhail Durnenkov written especially for Gogol Center. This is a play where Chekhov's motives are combined with the linguistic and narrative acuity of the 'new drama'. Close friends and acquaintances are going to have a picnic by the lake. Each of them is going through the midlife crisis. Each of them has a routine job, lots of troubles and some 'painful times' in their personal life. The outdoor meeting becomes an occasion for a frank conversation and attempts to understand themselves. Everyone is afraid of something: someone is afraid of a bloodthirsty pit bull wandering in the woods, someone - of the apocalypse. But the main discovery for the heroes is the news that love at first sight still exists - but can it save from sudden death? 
This is a play about ordinary modern people who have a lot in common with the audience. Heroes also lead the most ordinary life in an attempt to find their own happiness. "Where are you now? And where would you like to be at the time of the Apocalypse ..." says Nina at the very beginning of the play, as if hinting that the apocalypse is already among us. A harsh and touching play by Mikhail Durnenkov, about our society, which is gradually drowning in the lake of rudeness, vulgarity and dirt. This lake has no bottom, just as our modern consumer society has no support. The heroes of the play are trying to stay on the surface, but to no avail drown to the bottom of their selfish needs and fears, not noticing what they are turning into. Such a society needs a new hero like never before, a new Noah, a new Christ capable of saving us from this flood. ..... Is he among us?" 
-Sergey Vinogradov, director 
The joint play "Gogol Center" and "The Seventh Studio". The premiere occurred on March 20, 2015
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