Perfomance, 18+ 2:20, No intermissions
The first Rus­si­an pro­duc­ti­on of a play by Ger­man pla­yw­right Ma­ri­us von Ma­yen­burg. The ma­in cha­rac­ter, scho­ol­boy Ve­ni­amin, thinks he knows eve­ryt­hing abo­ut mo­ral stan­dards — how to fol­low it, how to pro­tect it, what’s go­od and what’s bad. His be­havi­or is be­coming a se­ri­ous chal­lenge for eve­ry­one.

The main character, boy called Veniamin, presumes that he knows everything about moral standards: how ones should be complied, who they should be protected of, and what should be defined as right or wrong. His behavior is a real struggle for people surrounding him. Where is this boundary between morality and intolerance, freedom and permissiveness, sermon and terrorism, religion and manipulation? The play of modern German playwright Marius von Mayenburg “Martyr” was written very recently. Oiginal author’s premiere has occurred at the Berliner Schaubühne (Playhouse Theatre) less than two years ago. It is the first time this play is shown in Russian. 

Author: Marius von Mayenburg 

Translation from German: Alexandr Fillipov-Chekhov 

Stage version by Kirill Serebrennikov 

Co-production of “Gogol Center” and the “7-th Studio” 

The premiere occurred on 13 June 2014

Ma­ri­us von Ma­yen­burg
Video designer:
Ilya De­muts­ky
Lightning designer:
Executive producers:
Da­ria Ar­te­mova
Producers' assistant:
Su­zan­na Akez­he­va
Veniamin Yzhin (schoolboy): 
Inga Yuzhina (Veniamin's mother): 
Oleg Ivanovich Selnenko (physical education teacher): 
Elena Lvovna Krasnova (biology teacher, school psychologist):
Ludmila Ivanovna Stukalina (school Director):
Irina Petrovna (teacher of history): 
Grigoriy Zaitsev (schoolboy): 
Father Vsevolod (teacher of the Basics of Orthodox Culture): 
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