I am 30 years old

Perfomance, 16+ 1:30, No intermissions
october 30, Sat
Chamber stage
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october 31, Sun
Chamber stage
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“I am 30 years old” - a play by a musician, scriptwriter and creative director of the festival “Afisha Picnic” by Vasily Zorky. The performance is based on the columns “Unknown Citizen”, which Vasily wrote from 2014 to 2016 for the site The Village. The texts of the “Unknown Citizen” are reflections on a person’s life at his thirties in modern Moscow. It is about oneself, friends, love and relationships, about work, about happenings of life. It's an attempt to understand and articulate how today's thirty-year-old generation differs from those who were before them and will be after. By thirty you begin to think about some obvious basic questions - who am I? What do I do? How do i live? What for? “I am 30 years old” is a story about a crisis of self-determination that many people go through, and not everyone is able to understand themselves and what to do and how they want to live to be happy. “I am 30 years old” consists of songs, lyrics, true life stories, the music of the group “Zorkiy” and the graphics of a young but very talented artist Polina Kukushkina. The premiere occurred on June 6, 2017.
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