Perfomance, 18+ 1:40, No intermissions
This sto­ry abo­ut an or­di­nary 28-year-old Mus­co­vite Zo­ya be­gins on the day when her li­fe part­ner Ser­gey ste­als pen­gu­ins from the zoo: “In the zoo, it was aw­ful. Rot­ten wa­ter, conc­re­te, cap­ti­vity. I sa­ved them.“ Ena­mo­ured Zo­ya has no cho­ice but to le­ave her job as a chef and app­ly for a new po­siti­on, clo­ser to ho­me, as icy wa­ter for pen­gu­ins sho­uld be chan­ged eve­ry fo­ur ho­urs. This pla­ce is a scho­ol whe­re the he­ad­mist­ress, fas­ci­nated by Zo­ya’s know­ledge of works of John Max­well Ta­ylor, of­fers the girl a scho­ol psy­cholo­gist po­siti­on. Psy­cholo­gical help is re­qu­ired not on­ly by tro­ub­led te­ena­gers, one of tho­se Shu­rik Bols­ha­kov risks his li­fe eve­ry night jum­ping on­to the mo­ving tra­ins ro­ofs. Eve­ry­one aro­und Zo­ya has so­met­hing odd abo­ut them. And it is me­di­oc­re Zoe who is des­ti­ned to help them – thanks to unex­pected­ly dis­co­vered pa­ranor­mal abi­liti­es...
This story is about an ordinary 28-year-old Muscovite Zoya begins on the day when her life partner Sergey steals penguins from the zoo: “In the zoo, it was awful. Rotten water, concrete, captivity. I saved them.“ Enamoured Zoya has no choice but to leave her job as a chef and apply for a new position, closer to home, as icy water for penguins should be changed every four hours. This place is a school where the headmistress, fascinated by Zoya’s knowledge of works of John Maxwell Taylor, offers the girl a school psychologist position. Psychological help is required not only by troubled teenagers, one of those is Shurik Bolshakov - he risks his life every night jumping onto the moving trains roofs. Everyone around Zoya has something odd about them. And it is mediocre Zoe who is destined to help them – thanks to unexpectedly discovered paranormal abilities... This play, written by a young playwright Ekaterina Mavromatis, was first presented at the festival "Lyubimovka-2016", and it will be staged by Denis Azarov who previously had staged “Holiday at Ivanovs” at the Gogol center. He is a director with taste and interest in the poetics of absurd which he finds both in real life and modern dramaturgy. The performance, based on a cunning, sentimental and very funny text about restless people, suffering from lack of warmth, might make a difference in the world. It would be done Zoya’s way – through love and understanding. The premiere occurred on April 13, 2017.
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