The Trout Breaking through the Ice

Perfomance, 18+ 1:30, No intermissions
What should we expect from the stage version of expressive and sizzling lines of Russian Silver Age poet, Mikhail Kuzmin? Vladislav Nastavshev is a director with rich imagination which is transforming everything into accurate theatrical shapes. His three Gogol-Center plays: "Mitya's Love", "Medea", "Without Fear" are the testament to that. Nastavshev style stands out through its poetry, metaphors, and music. New theatrical fantasy was inspired by the last poetry book of Kuzmin (The only publication of this book has taken place in 1929). To work on stage embodiment of this text is like to compose symphonic music for Nastavshev. And he himself is the composer of this music. The premiere occurred on 8 March 2017.
Director, composer, set designer: 

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