The Trout Breaking through the Ice

Perfomance, 18+ 1:30, No intermissions
What sho­uld we ex­pect from the sta­ge ver­si­on of exp­res­si­ve and sizz­ling li­nes of Rus­si­an Sil­ver Age po­et, Mik­ha­il Kuz­min? Vla­dis­lav Nas­tavs­hev is a di­rec­tor with rich ima­gina­ti­on which is trans­for­ming eve­ryt­hing in­to ac­cu­rate the­at­ri­cal sha­pes. His three Go­gol-Cen­ter pla­ys: "Mi­tya's Lo­ve", "Me­dea", "Wit­ho­ut Fe­ar" are the tes­ta­ment to that. Nas­tavs­hev sty­le stands out thro­ugh its po­et­ry, me­tap­hors, and mu­sic. New the­at­ri­cal fan­ta­sy was ins­pi­red by the last po­et­ry bo­ok of Kuz­min (The on­ly pub­li­cati­on of this bo­ok has ta­ken pla­ce in 1929). To work on sta­ge em­bo­diment of this text is li­ke to com­po­se symp­ho­nic mu­sic for Nas­tavs­hev. And he him­self is the com­po­ser of this mu­sic. The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on 8 March 2017.
Director, composer, artist:

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