Two rooms

Perfomance, 18+ 1:40, No intermissions
They are ha­ving vi­sitors and conf­ron­ting men, re­lati­ves and pets. The­re is a wall ke­eping them apart, but al­so the­re are sha­red joy, lo­ve, di­sap­po­int­ment, ex­pecta­ti­on, pa­in, and ho­pe brin­ging them to­get­her. Fun­ny, to­uc­hing, ab­surd, and pa­rado­xical co­in­ci­den­ces cons­truct a se­ri­es of vi­su­al and cho­re­og­raphy fan­ta­si­es. Euge­niy Ku­lagin, di­rec­tor and cho­re­og­rapher: 
“Our bra­in pro­ces­ses two ima­ges not on­ly on a scre­en but al­so in li­fe. We are ab­le to fe­el and to think abo­ut two li­nes at a ti­me. The sto­ry is abo­ut two hal­ves torn apart in ti­me and spa­ce. That is why it was in­te­res­ting to try to app­ly ci­nema­tic cross-cut­ting edi­ting tech­ni­que in the­at­re to tell this sto­ry. As for me, this play is abo­ut an at­tempt to hold on to so­met­hing big. It is abo­ut the ne­ces­si­ty to pur­sue eve­ry chan­ce and eve­ry op­portu­nity at full ca­paci­ty. It is abo­ut li­ving your li­fe so as not to reg­ret abo­ut so­met­hing, which has not be­en sa­id, do­ne, and dre­amed up. It is abo­ut a re­sis­tance to in­ternal ec­lipse” The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on 18 May 2018

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Perfomance, 18+
Author: Lars Norén
Director: El­mar Sen­kov
oct 8, 9, nov 5, 6