Two rooms

Perfomance, 18+ 1:40, No intermissions
They are having visitors and confronting men, relatives and pets. There is a wall keeping them apart, but also there are shared joy, love, disappointment, expectation, pain, and hope bringing them together. Funny, touching, absurd, and paradoxical coincidences construct a series of visual and choreography fantasies. Eugeniy Kulagin, director and choreographer: 
“Our brain processes two images not only on a screen but also in life. We are able to feel and to think about two lines at a time. The story is about two halves torn apart in time and space. That is why it was interesting to try to apply cinematic cross-cutting editing technique in theatre to tell this story. As for me, this play is about an attempt to hold on to something big. It is about the necessity to pursue every chance and every opportunity at full capacity. It is about living your life so as not to regret about something, which has not been said, done, and dreamed up. It is about a resistance to internal eclipse” The premiere occurred on 18 May 2018

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Perfomance, 18+
Executive producer:: Ярос­ла­ва Зи­ва-Чер­но­ва
Perfomance, 18+
Author: Lars Norén
Director: El­mar Sen­kov