Perfomance, 18+ 1:50, No intermissions
Ni­ne is the per­forman­ce ba­sed on Ni­ne Da­ys in One Year mo­vie by Mik­ha­il Romm. The sto­ry of the three phy­sicists: Ilya, a suc­cess­ful so­ci­al clim­ber, Le­lia, a girl lo­oking for her ni­che in this li­fe and Mi­tay, a young sci­en­tist re­ady to sac­ri­fice all of him­self for the sa­ke of a sci­en­ti­fic dis­co­very. The­ir des­ti­ni­es are lin­ked to­get­her in­to a lo­ve tri­ang­le, whe­re its cha­rac­ters are try­ing to find the­ir hap­pi­ness – each of them in a way he un­ders­tands it and fe­els it sho­uld be.
The story is about two physicists who are both in love with the same girl. The play raises issues of a price of scientific discoveries and the meaning of sacrifice. It is also about the failure in personal life as a consequence of hard work and willingness to follow through for an idea. However, primarily this play is about pure human heroism. Director Sergey Vinogradov and playwright Valeriy Pecheykin created their own version of this story. Now it takes place in parole environment which includes both 1960’s way of life and modern-time signs. In this reality nostalgia for the past is accompanied with dreams of the future. Pieces of the Romm’s screenplay are matched by monologues about Skolkovo, interplanetary travels, and robots. But the most important thing for the creators of the play is a storyline of love and friendship of three human beings, who attempt and fail to reach understanding. “Nine” is a rare example of psychological theatre in modern world. Actors are getting through this performance with the most accurate reliability and in-depth study of the whole range of feelings. The Soviet classic’s style is carefully reconstructed, but, at the same time, new and surprising tone is added to the staging. The premiere occurred on 27 August 2014.
Set designer: 
Costume designer: 
Costume design assistant: 
 Po­lina Grech­ko
Musical director: 
And­rey Dan­zig
Scientific adviser: 
Pa­vel Stots­ko
Stage managers: 
An­ge­lina Gav­ri­ly­uk
Eka­teri­na Kos­ty­uko­va
Executive producer:
Ga­lari­na Do­log­vykh
Dmitry Gusev: 
Ilya Kulikov: 
Konstantin Sintsov, academician / guest at the wedding / Gusev's father: 
 Vla­dimir Pry­anc­hin
Doctor / guests at the wedding / employee at hospital / Bueva: 
Cheruvimov / guest at the wedding / Waiter / Donor: 
Vocals, electric guitar
Vocals, accordion
Media about the event
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Андрей Архангельский, Ъ-Огонек
Де­вять дней но­вого ве­ка
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