Perfomance, 16+ 1:50, No intermissions
october 19, Sat
Chamber stage
october 20, Sun
Chamber stage
november 25, Mon
Chamber stage
Ni­ne is the per­forman­ce ba­sed on Ni­ne Da­ys in One Year mo­vie by Mik­ha­il Romm. The sto­ry of the three phy­sicists: Ilya, a suc­cess­ful so­ci­al clim­ber, Le­lia, a girl lo­oking for her ni­che in this li­fe and Mi­tay, a young sci­en­tist re­ady to sac­ri­fice all of him­self for the sa­ke of a sci­en­ti­fic dis­co­very. The­ir des­ti­ni­es are lin­ked to­get­her in­to a lo­ve tri­ang­le, whe­re its cha­rac­ters are try­ing to find the­ir hap­pi­ness – each of them in a way he un­ders­tands it and fe­els it sho­uld be.
The sto­ry is abo­ut two phy­sicists who are both in lo­ve with the sa­me girl. The play ra­ises is­su­es of a pri­ce of sci­en­ti­fic dis­co­veri­es and the me­aning of sac­ri­fice. It is al­so abo­ut the fa­ilu­re in per­so­nal li­fe as a con­se­qu­en­ce of hard work and wil­ling­ness to fol­low thro­ugh for an idea. Ho­wever, pri­mari­ly this play is abo­ut pu­re hu­man he­ro­ism. Di­rec­tor Ser­gey Vi­nog­ra­dov and pla­yw­right Va­leriy Pe­che­ykin cre­ated the­ir own ver­si­on of this sto­ry. Now it ta­kes pla­ce in pa­role en­vi­ron­ment which inc­lu­des both 1960’s way of li­fe and mo­dern-ti­me signs. In this re­ali­ty nos­talgia for the past is ac­compa­ni­ed with dre­ams of the fu­ture. Pi­eces of the Romm’s scre­enp­lay are matc­hed by mo­nolo­gu­es abo­ut Skol­ko­vo, in­terp­la­neta­ry tra­vels, and ro­bots. But the most im­portant thing for the cre­ators of the play is a sto­ryli­ne of lo­ve and fri­end­ship of three hu­man be­ings, who at­tempt and fa­il to re­ach un­ders­tan­ding. “Ni­ne” is a ra­re examp­le of psy­cholo­gical the­at­re in mo­dern world. Ac­tors are get­ting thro­ugh this per­forman­ce with the most ac­cu­rate re­li­abi­lity and in-depth stu­dy of the who­le ran­ge of fe­elings. The So­vi­et clas­sic’s sty­le is ca­reful­ly re­cons­truc­ted, but, at the sa­me ti­me, new and surp­ri­sing to­ne is ad­ded to the sta­ging. The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on 27 August 2014.
Costume designer: 
Costume design assistant: 
 Po­lina Grech­ko
Musical director: 
And­rey Dan­zig
Scientific adviser: 
Pa­vel Stots­ko
Stage managers: 
An­ge­lina Gav­ri­ly­uk
Eka­teri­na Kos­ty­uko­va
Executive producer:
Ga­lari­na Do­log­vykh
Dmitry Gusev: 
Ilya Kulikov: 
Konstantin Sintsov, academician / guest at the wedding / Gusev's father: 
 Vla­dimir Pry­anc­hin
Doctor / guests at the wedding / employee at hospital / Bueva: 
Cheruvimov / guest at the wedding / Waiter / Donor: 
Vocals, electric guitar
Vocals, accordion
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