Akhmatova. Poem without a hero

Perfomance, 16+ 1:15, No intermissions
november 5, Tue
Main stage
A ma­gical trip thro­ugh the work and li­fe sto­ry of An­na Akh­ma­tova, a po­etic im­mersi­on in the blo­ody and yet gre­at his­to­ry of the XX cen­tu­ry. The pro­duc­ti­on con­ti­nu­es the cyc­le “Star” de­dica­ted to Rus­si­an po­ets. Al­la De­mido­va do­es not pre­tend to be Ak­ha­mato­va, but en­ters a di­alo­gue with ghost sha­dows and ref­lecti­ons, ini­ti­ates con­tact with the ge­ni­us, on equ­al terms. Child­ren of the XXI cen­tu­ry, we are ent­rus­ted to wit­ness this al­most mys­ti­cal ses­si­on.
He­re is a pas­sa­ge from the bo­ok “Akh­ma­tova’s Mir­rors” by Al­la De­mido­va: “When I star­ted to de­cip­her the “Po­em wit­ho­ut a He­ro” I no­ticed a lot of dop­pelgan­gers, which, con­verse­ly, split­ted in dif­fe­rent di­rec­ti­ons ad in­fi­nitum (the sa­me thing hap­pens if you app­ro­ach a wall of a mir­ror hall hol­ding a lo­oking glass in your hands, you see an in­fi­nite se­ri­es of ref­lecti­ons). The mo­re dop­pelgan­gers I fo­und the cle­arer I un­ders­to­od that ma­ybe the­re is no ne­ed to de­cip­her this work li­teral­ly. The po­int is in not in spe­cifi­cati­on of par­ti­cular in­di­vidu­als but in the de­live­ry of the spi­rit of the age, sin­ce the “Po­em”, among ot­her things inc­lu­des vast cul­tu­re la­yer of the who­le era. And this era has al­re­ady be­come his­to­ry, which hap­pe­ned long ago, for to­day’s young­sters.”
An­na Akh­ma­tova
Assistant costume designer:
Dmit­riy Ga­garin
Video design and animation: 
 Ale­xan­der (GON­DU­RAS) Zhi­tomir­siy
Singing teacher: 
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Елизавета Аношина, "Независимая газета"
"Ди­фирамб" Ал­ла Де­мидо­ва
"Дифирамб" Алла Демидова
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