Perfomance, 16+ 1:20, No intermissions
The le­ader of the gro­up "Me­gapo­lis" Oleg Nes­te­rov, who first ap­pe­ared on the sta­ge of "Go­gol cen­ter" in 2014 with the pro­ject "From the Li­fe of Pla­nets", pro­mises to tell sto­ri­es and sing "for sa­ilors and pros­ti­tutes, gold pros­pectors and he­ro­es of Ma­upas­sant, for bo­xers, lo­ser de­tec­ti­ves and flo­rists ”. The mu­sical ma­teri­al of the per­forman­ce is pre-war Ber­lin hits and songs from old Ger­man films, abo­ut which Nes­te­rov spe­aks with sad ten­derness: “The­se songs we­re first se­para­ted from us by the wall, and then they simp­ly di­sap­pe­ared un­der its rubb­le. The­se songs are ab­so­lute­ly unk­nown to us, ma­ny of them we­re cre­ated in the era of the Re­ich, and on­ly this was the­ir prob­lem - the omi­no­us 12 years the Ger­mans them­selves, and even mo­re so ot­her co­unt­ri­es righ­tly so­ught to era­se from the me­mory of ge­nera­ti­ons. But a go­od song is just a go­od song, and it’s not her fa­ult that she was cre­ated at the wrong ti­me. ” 
The di­rec­tor of “Сво­бода №7” is Ilya Sha­galov, the di­rec­tor with a tas­te for a bright show fan­ned by a nos­talgic fla­ir: in the first year of the “Go­gol cen­ter” Sha­galov di­rec­ted “Uty­osov” he­re. The new play, in­tert­wi­ning "his­to­rical pa­ral­lels, ske­letons in the clo­set, Ber­lin jo­kes and sec­rets," - a de­dica­ti­on to Ber­lin, a ci­ty with an ex­ci­ting fa­te, a ci­ty that with­sto­od all the tests of the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry. And the­re will be a spe­ci­al ins­tru­men­tal qu­in­tet on the sta­ge - the Ca­pel­la of Ber­lin post­men. The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on March 19, 2017.
And­rey KA­RASY­OV

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