Perfomance, 18+ 2:20, No intermissions
The first Rus­si­an pro­duc­ti­on of a play by Ger­man pla­yw­right Ma­ri­us von Ma­yen­burg. The ma­in cha­rac­ter, scho­ol­boy Ve­ni­amin, thinks he knows eve­ryt­hing abo­ut mo­ral stan­dards — how to fol­low it, how to pro­tect it, what’s go­od and what’s bad. His be­havi­or is be­coming a se­ri­ous chal­lenge for eve­ry­one.

The ma­in cha­rac­ter, boy cal­led Ve­ni­amin, pre­sumes that he knows eve­ryt­hing abo­ut mo­ral stan­dards: how ones sho­uld be comp­li­ed, who they sho­uld be pro­tec­ted of, and what sho­uld be de­fined as right or wrong. His be­havi­or is a re­al strugg­le for pe­op­le sur­ro­un­ding him. Whe­re is this bo­un­da­ry bet­we­en mo­rali­ty and in­to­leran­ce, fre­edom and per­missi­veness, ser­mon and ter­ro­rism, re­ligi­on and ma­nipu­lati­on? The play of mo­dern Ger­man pla­yw­right Ma­ri­us von Ma­yen­burg “Mar­tyr” was writ­ten ve­ry re­cent­ly. Oigi­nal aut­hor’s pre­mi­ere has oc­curred at the Ber­li­ner Scha­ubühne (Pla­yhouse The­at­re) less than two years ago. It is the first ti­me this play is shown in Rus­si­an. 

Aut­hor: Ma­ri­us von Ma­yen­burg 

Trans­la­ti­on from Ger­man: Ale­xandr Fil­li­pov-Chek­hov 

Sta­ge ver­si­on by Ki­rill Se­reb­renni­kov 

Co-pro­duc­ti­on of “Go­gol Cen­ter” and the “7-th Stu­dio” 

The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on 13 Ju­ne 2014

Ma­ri­us von Ma­yen­burg
Video designer:
Ilya De­muts­ky
Lightning designer:
Executive producers:
Da­ria Ar­te­mova
Producers' assistant:
Su­zan­na Akez­he­va
Veniamin Yzhin (schoolboy): 
Inga Yuzhina (Veniamin's mother): 
Oleg Ivanovich Selnenko (physical education teacher): 
Elena Lvovna Krasnova (biology teacher, school psychologist):
Ludmila Ivanovna Stukalina (school Director):
Irina Petrovna (teacher of history): 
Grigoriy Zaitsev (schoolboy): 
Father Vsevolod (teacher of the Basics of Orthodox Culture): 
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