I am 30 years old

Perfomance, 16+ 1:30, No intermissions
september 5, Thu
Chamber stage
september 6, Fri
Chamber stage
“I am 30 years old” - a play by a mu­sici­an, script­wri­ter and cre­ati­ve di­rec­tor of the fes­ti­val “Afi­sha Pic­nic” by Va­sily Zor­ky. The per­forman­ce is ba­sed on the co­lumns “Unk­nown Ci­tizen”, which Va­sily wro­te from 2014 to 2016 for the si­te The Vil­la­ge. The texts of the “Unk­nown Ci­tizen” are ref­lecti­ons on a per­son’s li­fe at his thir­ti­es in mo­dern Mos­cow. It is abo­ut one­self, fri­ends, lo­ve and re­lati­ons­hips, abo­ut work, abo­ut hap­pe­nings of li­fe. It's an at­tempt to un­ders­tand and ar­ti­cula­te how to­day's thir­ty-year-old ge­nera­ti­on dif­fers from tho­se who we­re be­fore them and will be af­ter. By thir­ty you be­gin to think abo­ut so­me ob­vi­ous ba­sic qu­es­ti­ons - who am I? What do I do? How do i li­ve? What for? “I am 30 years old” is a sto­ry abo­ut a cri­sis of self-de­ter­mi­nati­on that ma­ny pe­op­le go thro­ugh, and not eve­ry­one is ab­le to un­ders­tand them­selves and what to do and how they want to li­ve to be hap­py. “I am 30 years old” con­sists of songs, ly­rics, true li­fe sto­ri­es, the mu­sic of the gro­up “Zor­kiy” and the grap­hics of a young but ve­ry ta­len­ted ar­tist Po­lina Ku­kush­ki­na. The pre­mi­ere oc­curred on Ju­ne 6, 2017.
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