Dead souls

Perfomance, 16+ 2:20, No intermissions
november 16, Sat
Main stage
november 17, Sun
Main stage
Ba­sed on Ni­kolai Go­gol’s po­em “De­ad so­uls” is the first Go­gol Cen­ter lar­ge-sca­le pro­ject on Rus­si­an clas­sics. In Ki­rill Se­reb­renni­kov's show the Ni­kolai Go­gol's po­em abo­ut the cos­tu­mer of "de­ad so­uls" Pa­vel Chi­chikov isn't trans­fe­red to no­wada­ys li­tera­ry but it gets comp­le­tely new and re­levant vo­ice. Dif­fe­rent ages me­et each ot­her in ever­lasting Rus­si­an ti­meless­ness, whe­re ab­surd and tro­ub­le ha­ve bro­ken lo­ose. Se­reb­renni­kov cre­ates the full ima­ge of Rus­si­an li­fe whe­re not­hing ever chan­ges. Go­gol’s cha­rac­ters mo­ve in the cram­ped spa­ce among the ply­wo­od walls — in the box wit­ho­ut a pos­si­bili­ty of es­ca­pe. The­re are 10 ma­le ac­tors on sta­ge. Mas­terly fic­ti­onal the­at­re me­ets de­ta­iled the­at­re of psy­cholo­gical scho­ol. Eve­ry ac­tor pla­ys mul­tiple ro­les, so Go­gol’s land­lords are flaw­less­ly tur­ning in­to old wo­men, child­ren, rus­tic drunks, la­di­es, hor­ses or dog pack. Chi­chikov be­comes a vic­tim of this world wit­ho­ut any way out. The songs for the show we­re spe­ci­al­ly writ­ten by a well-known Rus­si­an con­tempo­rary com­po­ser Ale­xan­der Ma­nots­kov. They are ba­sed on Go­gol’s “ly­rical dig­ressi­ons” — phi­losop­hi­cal texts abo­ut Rus­sia from the po­em. They are per­formed by the who­le cho­ir of ac­tors and sud­denly be­come to be­ar a re­semb­lan­ce to the songs of Ber­tolt Brecht, but the qu­es­ti­on „Rus­sia, what do you want from me?“ sta­ys wit­ho­ut an ans­wer. 

"This sto­ry is a pro­jec­ti­on of the “De­ad So­uls” in­to anot­her of Go­gol’s texts, “The Gamb­lers”. That’s to say a si­tu­ation, whe­re one che­at wants to swind­le eve­ry­one but in the end gets swind­led by ot­her che­ats. The show al­re­ady exists as a sco­re; the com­po­ser, Ale­xan­der Ma­nots­kov wro­te mu­sic for the pro­duc­ti­on and I ma­de the adap­ta­ti­on. In the pre­vi­ous ver­si­on Go­gol‘s text was in Lat­vi­an and I am eager to fi­nal­ly he­ar it in Rus­si­an. This kind of li­tera­ture is worth be­ing sta­ged. This work of Go­gol is a key to un­ders­tan­ding Rus­si­an li­fe. 
All cha­rac­ters and per­so­nali­ty ty­pes of Rus­si­an pe­op­le are exp­res­sed in tra­its of Ko­roboch­ka, Nozd­rev, So­bake­vich, Ma­nilov and ot­hers. One of the surp­ri­ses of the pro­duc­ti­on is who will play whom. The cast is qui­te unex­pected. For examp­le one of the le­ading ac­tors of our the­at­re, Ho­no­ured ar­tist of Rus­sia, Oleg Guts­hin will play Ko­roboch­ka and Chi­chikov’s ro­le will be per­formed by a young Ame­rican, Odin Bi­ron and a the­at­re ac­tor from Mos­cow, Se­men Ste­in­berg". 

Ki­rill Se­reb­renni­kov, di­rec­tor 

The show rep­re­sents songs by Ale­xan­der Ma­nots­kov ba­sed on the texts by N.V.Go­gol.
Costume designer: 
Musical director:
Vocal coach:
Сostume designer:
Assistant costume designer:
Engineer, technologist:
Femistoklus / Sobakevich: 
Manilov / Mizhuev / Police captain: 
Alcide / wolf / the nice lady: 
Selifan / servant of Manilov's / Feodulia: 
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